Ultra Pokemon Sun / Moon (6 pack) Zeraora, Marshadow + others  2DS/3DS 

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Pokémon Sun
Strategy Guide

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*Zeraora, Marshadow, Ash Hat Pikachu, Hoopa, Darkrai (Shiny Available), Lycanroc Dusk Form,.

  Shiny Celebi, Meloetta, Volcanion, Genesect (Shiny Available), Victini, Shiny Poipole , Mew.

  Shiny Lunala, Shiny Solgaleo, Shiny Mewtwo, Shiny Kyogre, Shiny Groudon, Shiny Jircahi,.

  Shiny Necrozma,Shiny Tapu Koko, Shiny Tapu Lele, Shiny Tapu Bulu, Shiny Tapu Fini,.

  Magearna, Shiny Zygarde 10, Shiny Zygarde 50, Shiny Phermosa, Shiny Stakataka, .

  Shiny Buzzwole, Shiny Celesteela, Shiny Xurkitree, Shiny Kartana, Shiny Guzzlord, Shiny Blacephalon *.

* For trainers with Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon on the 2DS/3DS* Fully compatible with the Pokémon Bank / Pokémon Home.

  * We'll initiate this via a Trade through Festival Plaza.

  * Please tell me the 6 Pokemon you want from the list above.

  * I'll need your friend code and correct in game trainer name to be sure of quick, accurate delivery!

  * You'll need to have 6 Pokémon you're willing to trade and part with. Don't worry I'll take good care of them!

  * If you don't have one, stop by Route 1 and catch some Pikipek or a Grubbin.

  * Pokémon delivery/trade is guaranteed within 24 hours, or within whatever timeframe and schedule that suits you.

  * This listing represents a digital product. The Pokémon has been caught or collected by myself or the Pokézeta team of trainers,.

 I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo, GameFreak, or the Pokémon company.