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How We Contracted HIV/AIDS, Paperback by Okumu, Francis, ISBN 1507651953, ISBN-13 9781507651957, Like New Used, Free shipping in the US.

Life can at times be mean, if not cruel! We all dream of acquiring all the beautiful things that this life can offer, but in the process, forget that even the beautiful of roses have thorns. What would you do when life confronts you with its ugly side and in a flash scatters all your dreams? Angela, James, Elizabeth, and Anne are all phony characters, with life changing fables, about how they were each, caught up in the hiv/aids’ trap. The 4 Painful Life Stories is a compilation of their individual accounts. Why would God allow anyone to go through such ugly, heart-breaking and life threatening challenges? The answers are inside this book. In such ugly moments; when everything may seem dark and the world appear to have crumbled, most people would readily, give up, and happily, look forward to committing suicide. However, this read offers a Suicide’s Checklist; a deep analysis as to why anyone should never attempt to commit suicide, regardless of their ugly life’s predicaments. It then proceeds to present the six notorious common beliefs and misconceptions about sex and hiv/aids . is it true that having sex with a virgin may cure someone of hiv/aids?. Note: Proceeds from the sale of this book will be channeled by the author towards Hiv/Aids related projects in Kenya and the rest of Africa.