Destiny 2 - Little Light's Emblem Code - SAME DAY DELIVERY (PC/PS4/XBOX)

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This is not a physical item, this is a one time use code.

After code have been sent refunds are not accepted due to this being a one time use code.

Code will be sent via eBay messages.

Code is usually sent withing 24 hours of purchase, due to large amounts of unauthorized transaction we may ask you to reply to a ebay message before sending the code, if you are unable to provide the info we ask for we will ship the code in the mail :) . (If your feedback is good and you've bought from other buyers previously we usually wont ask you to reply to a message ).

If you do not comply to a reply of our eBay message we have the right to send you a full refund :).

Feel free to message me with any questions, I appreciate your time! :).