Pokemon HOME ALL 900+ Shiny GEN 1-7 Pokemon Transfer service SAME DAY DELIVERY

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First evolution pokemon will be lvl 1. Most of the final evolution pokemon will be level 100 and battle ready. All Pokemon from KANTO, HOENN, SINNOH, UNOVA, KALOS Pokedex. Event pokemon.
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Pokémon Sword

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PLEASE NOTE this does NOT include pokemon from SWORD AND SHIELD.

Most of the final evolution pokemon will be level 100 and battle ready.

Please go onto Pokémon Home and provide me with a code to trade 3DS Pokémon to the Home up and once the code is sent to me I will input the code and send all 807 Pokémon. All trades must be done within 3 minutes of generating the code or it must be done again. .

Any questions on this, please let me know. thanks.

For sale is a MASSIVE Pokemon Home PokeDex Transfer for 800+ personally captured Pokemon up to Sun/Moon!  .

You will need Nintendo Online for this purchase. You will also need a Pokemon Home PREMIUM plan. .

Whats included? See images for snapshots for examples!

All Pokemon from KANTO, HOENN, SINNOH, UNOVA, KALOS Pokedex.

This will require you to have 32 boxes empty in your Pokemon Home app on Nintendo Switch.

You will need to message me your POKEMON HOME 3DS Transfer Code as soon as it appears on screen, as there will be a 3 minute timer for the transfer to complete.