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Lake Superior's Historic North Shore : A Guided Tour, Paperback by Morse-Kahn, Deborah, ISBN 0873516214, ISBN-13 9780873516211, Brand New, Free shipping in the US.

Lake Superior's North Shore&;the vast stretch between Duluth and Grand Portage&;is nearly 150 miles long, with an abundance of state parks, state and national forests, streams and rivers, and more than thirty distinct communities representing a broad range of ethnic and religious groups. Many visitors have made the famous drive along scenic Highway 61, the central artery of this popular vacation destination, but few are aware of the historical significance of the villages, homes, and markers that they pass along the way.

In Lake Superior's Historic North Shore, Deborah Morse-Kahn takes vacationers and armchair travelers alike on a unique journey along old roads and byways and into the hidden history of the land and communities along a stunning section of this great inland sea. This informative, easy-to-follow guide offers the history of First Nation peoples, the historic fur trade years, the development of Norwegian fishing villages, and the heydey of splendid tourist lodges like Babe Ruth's famous Naniboujou&;traces of which can be found in the grand sites and unassuming structures that still stand today. Detailed maps and practical visitor information help vacationers hit their favorite destinations with ease.

Deborah Morse-Kahn works as a specialist in historic preservation and cultural resource management and is the author of A Guide to the Archaeology Parks of the Upper Midwest.