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我们对骗子深恶痛绝,盗用别人账号来付款的,请自重,一旦发现,投诉到底!. 您收到商品后还望能及时评价,告知我们您的购物体验,以便我们能及时完善自身,为您提供更满意更优质 的服务!. 7x24小時 在线,会立刻为您操作,正常情況15分钟內即可收到。. 如果对速度有要求,请在拍前联系客服。 客服.
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             zhifubao wechat hongbao alipay 支付宝红包 100RMB           .

        Wangyiyikatong recharge card 网易一卡通 100元.


  此商品为小米币 100rmb。购买后,请通过eBay Message/note联系客服留充值账号或者wechat ID。.

  This item is one gift card/game credit card/ top up card.  As it is digital card, once it was delivered, we don’t accept returns .

or exchange for any reason. Please, try to understand.If you don’t agree, please, don’t purchase it.

        1. 付款后,请eBay Message告知客服您的“ 充值账号”或者wechat ID,以便能第一时间为您发货。       .

As it is gift card/game credit card/ top up card, Once it was shipped, we cannot accept return or exchange for any reason.

Upon/After transaction, it is deemed that you have accepted and agreed to the above terms.

    商城支持 Paypal、澳洲commonwealth、新西兰ASB纽币、加拿大加元EMT独立支付。(详情请询问客服。).