ANY Custom Ultra Square Shiny Pokemon Egg 6IV Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

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Pokemon will also be able to relearn TR moves at the Move Relearner in the Pokemon center. Pokemon Sword and Shield Guides & Cheats for all new Pokemon! Hatch your own shiny Pokemon eggs! Have your OT and ID on them and more!
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Shiny Eevee

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Hatch your own shiny Pokemon eggs! Have your OT and ID on them and more!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Guides & Cheats for all new Pokemon!

This listing is for the Pokemon pictured in any of these titles:.

All are legitimately checked and can be used and traded we will provide the best value! .

By default all Pokemon will be Eggs, in a standard Pokeball, with Egg some moves whenever possible. If you need something specific or have a preference on anything please give me ALL details in one message, if something is not possible we will inform you and proceed with everything else!

Trades can usually be done IMMEDIATELY, please message me to see if I am available and can confirm for faster or scheduled trades.  **Usual availablility is from noon to midnight EST.**.

- An internet connection on your Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription ( a free trial also gives you access to trading for one week).

- Unwanted Pokemon for this trade, you can trade anything for these. Please have 1 unwanted Pokemon for each trade!

After purchasing please message me so we can arrange for a trade! I will need your trainer name.

If you have any questions about pricing, requests for more Pokemon, customization etc, message me!

I also have all of the Pokemon from Let's Go PIkachu / Let's Go Eevee / Ultra Sun & Moon / Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire available if you'd like any in those games! Thank you for your time!

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Pokémon. This is just a guide to obtain these Pokemon via in game trade. .

Pokemon Shiny: Pokemon will be Square Shiny or Ultra Shiny by default, if you prefer the Star Shiny, please let us know!

Pokemon Moves : Whenever possible, Pokemon will have egg moves, this is important for competitive battling as some moves are needed for these movesets. Pokemon will also be able to relearn TR moves at the Move Relearner in the Pokemon center. Gigantamax Pokemon will also be able to have egg moves since they can be passed on through a new mechanic in Sword and Shield. .

**Some egg moves may not be possible, if in doubt please ask**.

Pokemon Abilities: You may request the ability you prefer both Hidden Ability and non Hidden Ability using the drop down menu. If a Pokemon has 2 non hidden abilities and you prefer one please mention this in a message. We can use an ability capsule to change to the correct ability. .

*Ability capsules cannot be used to change from non hidden ability to hidden ability or vice versa so please request the correct one* .

*Some Pokemon do not have their hidden abilities released yet, so they are not available currently*.

Dynamax Levels: All Pokemon have maximum Dynamax level unless requested otherwise. *The legendary Pokemon Zacian, Zamazenta, Eternatus cannot have maximum Synamax levels*.

Pokemon IVs: All Pokemon have perfect 6 IVs (31 or "best" in all stats HP,Atk, Def,Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Spe) If you require specific IVs please let me know in a message , some special cases may need 0 Speed or 0 Atk or both, if you need these, inform us and we will deliver!

Pokemon EVs: EV's will all be 0 by default. If you require Specific EV's please let me know exactly which! The reason they are all 0 by default is in case trainers want to train Pokemon a certain way or prefer to do it themselves.

Pokemon Natures: Pokemon all have a beneficial nature, however we understand that some Pokemon can have multiple beneficial natures, if you require a specific nature please let us know, we can include a mint for you so you can use it on the Pokemon to change the stats to work best for you! .

**Mints will change the stats as if it was of that nature, not the written nature , a bit confusing but we like to elaborate on this to not cause any confusion**.

Pokeball: Most Pokemon will be in standard Pokeballs by default except in special events/gift Pokemon which cannot be in standard Pokeballs. Pokemon will always be in their legitimate Pokeballs. If you request a ball which is not possible for a certain one, we will inform you.

Pokemon Locations: All Pokemon will display a legitimate location, Gigantamax Pokemon will be obtained in dens, legendaries and events from their specific locations, all hatched Pokemon from an egg.