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Item location: Machesney Park, Illinois US
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The Terrapin’s watchword is protection, with extensive shield systems and armor layers designed to provide the maximum possible defense for pilot and crew. UPGRADE TO THE Anvil Terrapin. You must own a copy of Star Citizen to obtain this digital item.
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Origin X1 To Terrapin
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Star Citizen
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upgrades purchased on this page are to be upgraded to the Anvil Terrapin.

from a ship already in your possession. By purchasing you understand this completely.  .

"Presenting the Anvil Aerospace U4A-3 Terrapin-class Scanning/Exploration.

Ship. The Terrapin was developed near the end of the 28th century to.

serve as the first ship in the Empire’s defensive restructuring of the.

Navy. The Terrapin’s watchword is protection, with extensive shield.

systems and armor layers designed to provide the maximum possible.

defense for pilot and crew. While it lacks the maneuverability of a.

dedicated fighter, it does maintain an advanced, hard-hitting array of.

weapons intended to keep the most fearsome Vanduul raider at bay.".

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